Thursday, August 28, 2014

Strength, Courage and Faith Found in Sidelined by Chuck Pagano



Sidelined by Chuck Pagano is Coach Chuck Pagano’s story of his battle to beat leukemia. This book, like in life and football, is about digging deep and fighting with all the strength, courage, and perseverance you can muster then add in the most important ingredient Faith and you have Chuck Pagano’s fight to concur his battle with leukemia.  You do not have to be a football fan or even know anything about football to read this book. The lessons about believing and having faith in God’s plan for what is happening in your life is the most important thing to take away from this book and that is for everyone football fanatic or not.

Coach Pagano had everything going for him, a great family, a wonderful wife and the dream job he had always wanted when he was blindsided by this disease.  He didn’t give up and with the help of family, friends and his Faith in God he found strength to win his battle with leukemia. This book is an excellent encourager and really a guide to how to face adversity. It shows that if you believe God loves you and wants to use you in all situations than half the battle is won. I recommend this book not just for reading an amazing story about a famous football coach who overcame the odds but also to those who might be going through a struggle of some kind. Just remember to have Kleenex close by when reading this.

I know what it is like to be in a good place and then out of nowhere you are hit with a disease that changes everything. I always said and believed God was trusting me to use me through my illness to help others and that is what Chuck Pagano’s friend Kevin Elko tells him in one of my favorite lines from the book. Kevin Elko is telling Chuck that God is preparing to use him through this illness, “Chuck, you are going to come out of this battle—and you will come out of it victorious—and when you do, you will be closer to God. You will be drawn to helping people more than you have ever been . “ pg 100 “ Later he tells him “ The tree will be pruned, and when it is pruned, it will bear fruit. You were selected to be pruned. And you are going to be different than you ever were.” Pg 101

I hope you will read this book it will encourage you I am sure.

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I received this book from Family Christian to review and give my honest opinion.

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