Thursday, June 29, 2017

Extraordinary Fantasy

Birthrights Book One Of The Revisions To The Truth Series is an excellent fantasy with adventure that keeps you wanting more. at the end of the book I found myself looking forward to the next book.
This is a story of the search for ones place in the world split by beliefs and those who control others by fear and intimidation. The search for Truth and what that means. It's  one boys struggle to find his place and not just be known as the grandson of a rebel leader. Whym is learning the ways of the seeker and trying to overcome his families past. He is seeking The Truth. He must learn the ways of the seeker and in a world split between the beliefs of what is right and wrong in The Truth he finds strength, skill and danger.

This book has an excellent plot that leads you on a extraordinary  journey through a fantasy world full of conflict, danger, a mystical creature and a realm where the Leaders of the Truth rule against the ones who want the real Truth and what's best for all people. It has strong characters that grow as the story unfolds to finding themselves and which side they belong on.
I liked this line "make others see you as you wish them to see you, but never believe the disguise yourselve; The Truth is a book, but real truth depends on your perspective"
this sums up the struggle found in this story.

I found this book very interesting and a wonderful page turner. If you liked the Hungar Games or Eragon then I think you will like this book also.

If you are a fan of fantasy then be sure to check this book out.

I received this book for my honest opinion and review.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fun Devotional and Coloring Book

Be Bold A Coloring Devotional by Ellen Elliott is a fun way to spend time in the Word. This book is full of insightful devotions and wonderful coloring pages to go with the theme of the devotion and verses.
I think young and old alike will enjoy spending time with this book. One of my favorite devotions was Practice Gratitude. It reminds to be thankful in all circumstances. The coloring page that accompanies it is upbeat and can be mad colorful and cheerful. There are so many I liked I could just about name them all as my favorite. One aspect I liked was that at the back of the book you had pages to make notes a d doodle if you like.
I think this would be a welcome addition to your library and would be a great gift too.

I received this book for my honest opinion and review from Tyndale Publishers