Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mystery, Love and Tension Equals 5 Stars For With Every Breath by Elizabeth Camden

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 With Every Breath by Elizabeth Camden is a great mystery and love story. I wasn’t sure that I was going to like the book and the first few pages moved a bit slow but after that it was great. I loved the tension between Trevor and Kate. The bickering and snarly remarks added with the need to compete and outdo each other just added a measure of realism to the story. I know I could relate to the two of them. They had a mutual respect for each other and yet even though they disagreed they seemed to bring the best out in each other too.  Dr. Trevor Kendall is trying to find a cure for TB and he asks Kate to come work with him as his assistant. She finds that there is more to Trevor than what she knew when they were in school together. When Trevor’s past catches up to him and someone is out to ruin him and his work to find a cure for TB then he finds his clinic, his research as well as his reputation on the line. Kate tries to help him find out who is doing this to him, I love how she is like a banty rooster when someone tries to discredit Trevor and destroy his clinic. One thing for sure is this book is great for those who like a good mystery, who likes romance and if you like history and medical mysteries you will love this book.
There is also a great message about following God’s calling for you and moving on from your past. Kate has lost her husband and she guards her heart from being hurt again. In doing this she is not trusting God’s plan for her and her life. She is living in fear and missing what God has put right in front of her. Trevor shows that even at a high cost to himself, he is going to continue to do what God has called him to do and strive to find a cure for TB. Trevor has to learn to forgive and not let his past hurts tarnish the good in his present or future. There is a very subtle lesson being taught here to trust, forgive and follow God in all parts of our lives. This is an exceptional book and one you won’t want to miss.  I highly recommend it.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bible Study for Busy Mamas Thirty Days in 1 Corinthians 13 by Pam Forster My Review


Bible Study for Busy Mamas Thirty Days in 1 Corinthians 13 by Pam Forster an excellent study.
How many times have you used the excuse I just don’t have enough time to get my Bible Study done today or there isn’t enough hours in a day to get  my Bible reading done? I think we have all made these excuses at some time or other in our busy lives. This book is for you then, It shows you how you can take just 5 minutes a day and study the Love chapter of the Bible Corinthians 13. This study takes the chapter and breaks it down to easy studies for each day of the month. It gives you things you can also do to study with your children through activities for them if you want to. It is well written and easy to follow and each day’s study is insightful and is easy to do. By the end of the month of studying this chapter you will have a new understanding of what love is and what Paul is teaching us.  5 minutes is all it takes and even the busiest mother, wife or person should be able to accomplish this study.

At the end of the book in the Appendix it gives you ways to continue on to other books or chapters. It also tells you how to make time to study and other hints to be successful at getting into Bible Study.

This book is excellent for busy Mom’s, working Mom’s, families and kid’s to start learning and making time to spend in studying the Bible. This would be a good start for new believers and also small groups. I really like that she shows you how to include the family in the study. The activities each day for the children are excellent and helps you to start your kids young in learning to make time as well as teach them the importance of studying and reading God’s word.

I would recommend this book and think it would be a good gift to give to new Mom’s as well as all women in your busy life.


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