Monday, October 13, 2014

Wonderful Novel Found in A Table by the Window by Hillary Manton Lodge.


A Table by the Window by Hillary Manton Lodge is a fantastic book about family, love, faith and a family mystery. I found myself relating to the dynamics found in Juliette’s family. The rivalry and bond between siblings and the closeness of the family reminds me of many families I know. This book takes you on a search to find out the family secrets that Juliette’s Grandmother has kept from the family all these years and only discovered on her death by Juliette when she inherits her Grandmothers prep table. This is a great book for anyone who loves family history as well as a mystery, romance and fiction lovers.

The people in this book could be yours or my family and are easy to relate to.  I could so relate to how Juliette and Nico feed off each other and when they decide to open a restaurant together the big brother Nico has to listen to little Sister Juliette even though sometimes his I am your big brother attitude tends to cause trouble between them. Juliette also has to learn to listen and trust her own heart and what God has planned for her instead of taking the safe way and do what the family and others think is right. She has to be strong and step out in faith to be happy and find true love with Neil even over her families objection of a long distant relationship not working.

This book is a journey to find truth. Truth of her Grandmother’s life and who the mysterious man is in her Grandmothers past. Truth to find out what is best for Juliette, truth of what she wants when it comes to Neil and the restaurant. It is also a book of forgiveness, family and faith. This book when I got to the last page made me want it not to be over. I can’t wait till the next book is out to read it. I found myself saying NO it can’t be done, I don’t want to wait to find out more of the family secret, more of what happens between Neil and Juliette and more of how the restaurant goes.

I have to say when I first start reading this book I wasn’t sure I would like it and it was a little slow but after a few pages I was hooked and could not put it down. This is a must read for anyone who likes Christian fiction, has an interest in genealogy, loves a good mystery and likes food. This book has some good recipes included.

I give this book 5 Stars and will be getting book two .

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