Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Great Study And Resource The Name Quest Explore the Names of God to Grow in Faith and Get to Know Him Better by John Avery

Picture of the cover of the book called The Name Quest by John Avery. Explore the names of God to grow in faith and get to know Him better.

The Name Quest Explore the Names of God to Grow in Faith and Get to Know Him Better by John Avery is an exceptional book and source to help us know God and His character better and in doing so we grow in our personal relationship with God. This book not only talks about the known names of God like Yahweh or Jehovah but also names or  character like judge, shepherd and Heavenly Father and Lord. With each name John Avery takes us through why God is called this and how it shows a part of who God is which helps us to relate to God in a new and important way.

One of my favorite ones is Good Shepherd. It says in the book “ The picture of a shepherd with his sheep illustrates the relationship between God and His people because it highlights God’s care for us all.”  Later it says “The title “shepherd” encapsulates nine interrelated roles that parallel the ways in which God cares for us.” pg 207. This is such a comforting way to think about God that He is our protector and caregiver because He is our Good Shepherd. This is one example but this book is well worth the read because it leads us through all the meanings and how they help us to understand, relate and know God and his love for us better.

Even if you think you know all about God I believe, like it was for me, that when you read this book you will grow in your faith and knowledge of God, which is fantastic but even more important you will know, understand and have a more personal loving relationship with God. It is a great, enlightening book that I would encourage all to read.

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I received a copy of this book from Morgan James Publishing through bookcrash.com in exchange for my review and honest opinion.

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