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Great Study And Resource The Name Quest Explore the Names of God to Grow in Faith and Get to Know Him Better by John Avery

Picture of the cover of the book called The Name Quest by John Avery. Explore the names of God to grow in faith and get to know Him better.

The Name Quest Explore the Names of God to Grow in Faith and Get to Know Him Better by John Avery is an exceptional book and source to help us know God and His character better and in doing so we grow in our personal relationship with God. This book not only talks about the known names of God like Yahweh or Jehovah but also names or  character like judge, shepherd and Heavenly Father and Lord. With each name John Avery takes us through why God is called this and how it shows a part of who God is which helps us to relate to God in a new and important way.

One of my favorite ones is Good Shepherd. It says in the book “ The picture of a shepherd with his sheep illustrates the relationship between God and His people because it highlights God’s care for us all.”  Later it says “The title “shepherd” encapsulates nine interrelated roles that parallel the ways in which God cares for us.” pg 207. This is such a comforting way to think about God that He is our protector and caregiver because He is our Good Shepherd. This is one example but this book is well worth the read because it leads us through all the meanings and how they help us to understand, relate and know God and his love for us better.

Even if you think you know all about God I believe, like it was for me, that when you read this book you will grow in your faith and knowledge of God, which is fantastic but even more important you will know, understand and have a more personal loving relationship with God. It is a great, enlightening book that I would encourage all to read.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Wonderful Novel Found in A Table by the Window by Hillary Manton Lodge.


A Table by the Window by Hillary Manton Lodge is a fantastic book about family, love, faith and a family mystery. I found myself relating to the dynamics found in Juliette’s family. The rivalry and bond between siblings and the closeness of the family reminds me of many families I know. This book takes you on a search to find out the family secrets that Juliette’s Grandmother has kept from the family all these years and only discovered on her death by Juliette when she inherits her Grandmothers prep table. This is a great book for anyone who loves family history as well as a mystery, romance and fiction lovers.

The people in this book could be yours or my family and are easy to relate to.  I could so relate to how Juliette and Nico feed off each other and when they decide to open a restaurant together the big brother Nico has to listen to little Sister Juliette even though sometimes his I am your big brother attitude tends to cause trouble between them. Juliette also has to learn to listen and trust her own heart and what God has planned for her instead of taking the safe way and do what the family and others think is right. She has to be strong and step out in faith to be happy and find true love with Neil even over her families objection of a long distant relationship not working.

This book is a journey to find truth. Truth of her Grandmother’s life and who the mysterious man is in her Grandmothers past. Truth to find out what is best for Juliette, truth of what she wants when it comes to Neil and the restaurant. It is also a book of forgiveness, family and faith. This book when I got to the last page made me want it not to be over. I can’t wait till the next book is out to read it. I found myself saying NO it can’t be done, I don’t want to wait to find out more of the family secret, more of what happens between Neil and Juliette and more of how the restaurant goes.

I have to say when I first start reading this book I wasn’t sure I would like it and it was a little slow but after a few pages I was hooked and could not put it down. This is a must read for anyone who likes Christian fiction, has an interest in genealogy, loves a good mystery and likes food. This book has some good recipes included.

I give this book 5 Stars and will be getting book two .

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mystery, Love and Tension Equals 5 Stars For With Every Breath by Elizabeth Camden

 Cover Art

 With Every Breath by Elizabeth Camden is a great mystery and love story. I wasn’t sure that I was going to like the book and the first few pages moved a bit slow but after that it was great. I loved the tension between Trevor and Kate. The bickering and snarly remarks added with the need to compete and outdo each other just added a measure of realism to the story. I know I could relate to the two of them. They had a mutual respect for each other and yet even though they disagreed they seemed to bring the best out in each other too.  Dr. Trevor Kendall is trying to find a cure for TB and he asks Kate to come work with him as his assistant. She finds that there is more to Trevor than what she knew when they were in school together. When Trevor’s past catches up to him and someone is out to ruin him and his work to find a cure for TB then he finds his clinic, his research as well as his reputation on the line. Kate tries to help him find out who is doing this to him, I love how she is like a banty rooster when someone tries to discredit Trevor and destroy his clinic. One thing for sure is this book is great for those who like a good mystery, who likes romance and if you like history and medical mysteries you will love this book.
There is also a great message about following God’s calling for you and moving on from your past. Kate has lost her husband and she guards her heart from being hurt again. In doing this she is not trusting God’s plan for her and her life. She is living in fear and missing what God has put right in front of her. Trevor shows that even at a high cost to himself, he is going to continue to do what God has called him to do and strive to find a cure for TB. Trevor has to learn to forgive and not let his past hurts tarnish the good in his present or future. There is a very subtle lesson being taught here to trust, forgive and follow God in all parts of our lives. This is an exceptional book and one you won’t want to miss.  I highly recommend it.

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Bible Study for Busy Mamas Thirty Days in 1 Corinthians 13 by Pam Forster My Review


Bible Study for Busy Mamas Thirty Days in 1 Corinthians 13 by Pam Forster an excellent study.
How many times have you used the excuse I just don’t have enough time to get my Bible Study done today or there isn’t enough hours in a day to get  my Bible reading done? I think we have all made these excuses at some time or other in our busy lives. This book is for you then, It shows you how you can take just 5 minutes a day and study the Love chapter of the Bible Corinthians 13. This study takes the chapter and breaks it down to easy studies for each day of the month. It gives you things you can also do to study with your children through activities for them if you want to. It is well written and easy to follow and each day’s study is insightful and is easy to do. By the end of the month of studying this chapter you will have a new understanding of what love is and what Paul is teaching us.  5 minutes is all it takes and even the busiest mother, wife or person should be able to accomplish this study.

At the end of the book in the Appendix it gives you ways to continue on to other books or chapters. It also tells you how to make time to study and other hints to be successful at getting into Bible Study.

This book is excellent for busy Mom’s, working Mom’s, families and kid’s to start learning and making time to spend in studying the Bible. This would be a good start for new believers and also small groups. I really like that she shows you how to include the family in the study. The activities each day for the children are excellent and helps you to start your kids young in learning to make time as well as teach them the importance of studying and reading God’s word.

I would recommend this book and think it would be a good gift to give to new Mom’s as well as all women in your busy life.


Pam Forster has other Busy Mamas Bible studies too. If you want more information on the author or her books you can check out these sites


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Outstanding Bible Study Resource: The Quick-Start Guide to the Whole Bible by Dr. William H Marty and Dr. Boyd Seevers

 Cover Art
The Quick-Start Guide to the Whole Bible by Dr., William H Marty and Dr. Boyd Seevers is a must for your Bible study resources. It is a wonderful guide to each book of the Bible. It has the history of what is going on when the book was written, who wrote it, who it was written for and then brings out the important points of the book. This is done for each book of the Bible. It is easy to read and understand and makes each book of the Bible more understandable and interesting. When studying the Bible it is helpful to understand the who, what, when and why’s of a Book and that is where this guide comes in. I have used many helps in my studying and this one is written in an easy to read layman way that is understandable and not over your head if you are a new believer. I would recommend this book to any believer or person who wants to learn more from the Bible, someone who wants to delve more into and understand what they are reading in the Bible more. When you study the Bible make sure you have this guide close by to use. 
This can also be used not just for a guide but it is written in such a way that you could just read it to get more history and understanding of all 66 books of the Bible. You don’t have to limit its use just to your study but just read it for more knowledge. I think that this is a great addition to any library.
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Strength, Courage and Faith Found in Sidelined by Chuck Pagano



Sidelined by Chuck Pagano is Coach Chuck Pagano’s story of his battle to beat leukemia. This book, like in life and football, is about digging deep and fighting with all the strength, courage, and perseverance you can muster then add in the most important ingredient Faith and you have Chuck Pagano’s fight to concur his battle with leukemia.  You do not have to be a football fan or even know anything about football to read this book. The lessons about believing and having faith in God’s plan for what is happening in your life is the most important thing to take away from this book and that is for everyone football fanatic or not.

Coach Pagano had everything going for him, a great family, a wonderful wife and the dream job he had always wanted when he was blindsided by this disease.  He didn’t give up and with the help of family, friends and his Faith in God he found strength to win his battle with leukemia. This book is an excellent encourager and really a guide to how to face adversity. It shows that if you believe God loves you and wants to use you in all situations than half the battle is won. I recommend this book not just for reading an amazing story about a famous football coach who overcame the odds but also to those who might be going through a struggle of some kind. Just remember to have Kleenex close by when reading this.

I know what it is like to be in a good place and then out of nowhere you are hit with a disease that changes everything. I always said and believed God was trusting me to use me through my illness to help others and that is what Chuck Pagano’s friend Kevin Elko tells him in one of my favorite lines from the book. Kevin Elko is telling Chuck that God is preparing to use him through this illness, “Chuck, you are going to come out of this battle—and you will come out of it victorious—and when you do, you will be closer to God. You will be drawn to helping people more than you have ever been . “ pg 100 “ Later he tells him “ The tree will be pruned, and when it is pruned, it will bear fruit. You were selected to be pruned. And you are going to be different than you ever were.” Pg 101

I hope you will read this book it will encourage you I am sure.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Faith, Courage and Heroism All Found in Out of the Depths by Edgar Harrell

Out of the Depths: An Unforgettable WWII Story of Survival, Courage, and the Sinking of the USS Indianapolis

Out of the Depths by Edgar Harrell is a true story of faith, courage, and heroism. This is a book about the sinking of the USS Indianapolis in WWII where out of almost 2000 men only 317 survived and what the survivors faced waiting to be rescued. This is Edgar Harrell’s story of what happened and how he was in the water waiting to be rescued, relying on his faith in God to make it through his ordeal.

I was captivated by the heroism shown in the face of such horrendous circumstances and how hope was found in clinging to faith in God, Edgar Harrell tells his story and the others that survived with him from before, during and after the sinking of the USS Indianapolis, including the cover up and the making of Cpt. McVay the scape goat for the sinking. It is well written and easy to read and also told in a way that is not too graphic, but at the same time the reader is able to understand and picture the ordeal the survivors faced while in the shark infested water waiting for days to be found and rescued.


This is a book that those who love history, especially military history will want to read. It is also for those who want to read about how your faith in God can and will see you through any circumstance. It is a book about strength, courage, heroism and faith in the time of one of the worst tragedies of the NAVY during WWII. I would recommend this book to be added to your must read list of books.


One of my favorite line of the book was when Edgar Harrell realizes the ship is sinking and he is facing death and he prays and calls out to God, “I knew within my heart that God was answering my prayers and was going to see me through. As the finite security of the great Indianapolis slipped away beneath my feet, the infinite security of the Almighty bore me up and gave me peace-a supernatural peace promised in His Word” pg67

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O Africa by Andrew Lewis Conn My Review

O Africa by Andrew Lewis Conn a novel about a changing time in the movie industry wrapped around the lives of two brothers who are successful in the silent era trying to keep their success in talkies.

This book is about the movie industry when it is going from silent movies to talkies. It is about two brothers, one who is  bold, outrageous and always taking chances who is a director while his brother is more introverted, afraid to rock the boat so to speak, and he is the camera man who does the shoots for the movies he and his brother make. They get sent to Africa to shoot film that then can be sold to other pictures and studios to use in their movies. A new way to make money for their production company and partners. Africa seems to be trouble for them and a lot of problems arise for them.


I never give a bad review but I must say I was disappointed by this book. I was hoping to have it more about the movie industry and less about their dysfunctional  personal life.  This is not a book for me,  but maybe others might like it. I can not recommend it.  What little it talked about the movie industry is good but it seems to be more about the sexual exploits,  and trouble the two can get in than the industry of making movies in an era of change for the industry.  I won't be reading anymore books by this author.


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A Treasure Found in the Reading of Rebekah's Treasure by Sylvia Bambola

Rebekah's Treasure by Sylvia Bambola is a wonderful addition to any library. It is 70 A.D. and Jerusalem is being taken over by the Romans and the Jews are leaving to escape being tortured, killed or made slaves. It is written from the view point of both Rebekah, who is sent away by her husband from the Temple and Jerusalem to keep her and her daughter safe, and  her husband Ethan who stays to fight with his sons and try to save the Temple. It is a remarkable book about love, faith, family, and perseverance through a tumultuous time for the Jews and Jerusalem.

I loved this book. It leads you on a journey seen through the eyes of Rebekah that takes her to a new life with the believers of Christ in Pella. She is a strong woman whose faith sustains her through all she has to face in the new town while her sons and husband are in danger fighting to save the Temple and Jerusalem from the Roman's who are taking over and destroying everything and everyone. It is a emotionally charged book that you get swept up in right along with Rebecca and her family. It also is well written from Ethan's point of view showing how devastating and brutal the struggle for the Jews were in trying to keep the Romans from overrunning Jer4usalem and Killeen all the rebels and Jews that are still living there. It shows the strength of the Jewish people and their perseverance in the face of the enemy.

If you love a great emotional,  action packed, faith building, historical novel then you must read this book. It is a great insight into the struggles and devastation the Jews at the hands of the Romans as well as rebel factions of Jews.

Rebekah and Ethan each have what they think is the treasure they have to  save, but in the end they find the true treasure isn't in objects and the journey to realizing this is one we can all relate to in our life.

I was moved by this book and it was a journey that I am glad I didn't miss. I can not recommend this book enough. I hope you will get this book and read it and join me in finding a true treasyre of a book.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

5 Stars to Annie's Stories by Cindy Thomson

Annie's Stories An Ellis Island Novel by Cindy Thomson is a wonderful historical fiction book. Annie is the housekeeper at Hawkins House where she was brought after being rescued from the Magdalene Laundries in Ireland. Her mother died when she was a baby and her father, with Annie, would travel around Ireland because her father was a storyteller. When he died Annie had no one but a mean Uncle who did not want her and when her cousin Aileen tells a lie her Uncle sends Annie to the laundry. 

Annie gets a second chance when she is rescued from the laundry and sent to live with Mrs. Hawkins at the Hawkins House. She only has her stories her father left her of her past life with him and the rest of her past she wants to forget.
This book is Annie's story of second chances and finding her strength to move on and she is determined  not to depend on anyone but herself. Can Annie move past the hurts and memories that haunt her from the laundry? Will she ever be able to make her dreams reality? Most of all will she find that she is not unloved and forgotten by God? Will she find Love again for God, herself and a man to love her like the postman Stephen?

I loved this book. I love how Cindy Thomson makes books, reading and especially the book The Wizard Of OZ by Frank Braum an important part to Annie's story. I love how strong and independent Annie is and the heart for others she has. Annie grows as a person throughout the book and you find yourself caught up right along with her. You begin to feel a part of this story too and it is written where you can just feel Annie, Mrs Hawkins , Stephen and all the other characters could be people you know. This book is a book about second chances, moving on from the past hurts and holding on to the good memories, about love and learning to rely on Faith and God. You see with Annie that she has to come to realize that God can love her and that God never left her but was always with her. She has to love herself and realize she is lovable before she can become whole and achieve what she wants to in the future. Very uplifting and wonderful book.

This book combines the love of books, reading with history of family, books, publishing and the time period. If you are a lover of books, history, genealogy and good historical fiction then I believe you will love this book. I would recommend this book to all it is well worth the read.

If you want more information about this book, the Ellis Island Novels or the author visit her website at

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Adventure Book For Your Kids

I am always looking for good fun books that kids will enjoy and want to read and with this book Voyage with the Vikings The Imagination Station book 1 by Marianne Hering and Paul McCusker I have found just that. It is also a series so it will keep your kids busy reading for awhile. I like the fact that the book has adventure, history and is a Christian book that you don't have to worry about kids reading.  I think the kids will love the adventure and not even realize they might be learning about history too in this book.

Beth wants to show her cousin Patrick the Imagination Station so they go to see Mr Whittaker's.  He says the station isn't working, but when the two step in, it starts to work. A letter appears and it says Albert is trapped and they have to find a Viking sunstone. Beth and Patrick want to help so they take the Imagination Station back in time to the Vikings to find the sunstone. Will Beth and Patrick be able to find the sunstone, retrieve it and get back to the Station and home? Will Leif Erikkson help them find it or will his Dad Erik the Red harm them? Will they be able to get the sunstone and help Albert? You will have to read the book to find out.

 I  enjoyed this book even at my age. I think the quest will be great fun for your kids and they will want to read this book and the rest of them too. It is a great book for kids age 6 to 10 they will really enjoy reading this book.

The next book in the series is Attack at the Arena The Imagination Station Book 2 by Marianne Hering and Paul McCusker
In this book the cousins Beth and Patrick continue their quest to help Albert and go back to 5th Century Rome.

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A Great Read Muffin But Murder By Victoria Hamilton

You will find  fun, excitement, mystery and romance all wrapped up in  a great read with Muffin but Murder A Merry Muffin Mystery by Victoria Hamilton.

Merry Wynter has inherited a castle from her Uncle but she doesn't know how she will be able to keep it. She has left NY City to come to Autumn Vale along with two of her best friends Pish and Shilo, and is living in the castle while trying to get it ready to sell.  When a long lost cousin Cranston, who she never heard of, shows up claiming to be a grandson of her Uncles and wanting his share of the inheritance things get interesting. Merry has found a niche in Autumn Vale by making and selling her muffins and she has made friends there also but doesn't see a way to be able to keep the castle so Merry throws a party for locals, a few chosen N Y friends, as well as some whom she hopes will be interested in buying the castle, but things get out of control  and then someone is killed. Merry's best friend Pish is a suspect so Merry has to figure out who is really behind the murder and help Pish while trying to figure out if Cranston is really entitled to part of the inheritance from her Uncle.

This book has everything you could want a good plot with twists that you don't see coming, a great interesting setting with the castle and unique quirky characters that you can connect with as well as romance thrown in for good measure. I love that Merry is such a strong level headed, most of the time, spontaneous woman.  I could see myself getting into some of the same situations as Merry with going on the spur of the moment to investigate this murder and realizing after words that it wasn't the safest or smartest thing to do. Pish and Shilo are unique and they add a lot to the story, besides as I was reading this I could think of people I know that reminded me of them, which helps you to connect with the book more. I really enjoyed this book and was glad to see that this is another great series to add to my list of series I must read. I think if you like a good mystery that you can't figure out in the first chapter and keeps you guessing to the end,  with strong yet quirky characters you will want to read this. It also has recipes which is always a plus.

I had not read the first book in this series Bran New Death  but that wasn't a problem this can be read as a stand alone but after reading this book I don't want to miss out on a single book in the series so I will be getting the first one to read also.

If you want more on this book and all the other series that Victoria Hamilton has check out her website at

Don't miss a good book pick up Muffin but Murder it is in bookstores now.

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Amazing Read The Proof by Cheryl Colwell

The ProofIf you want an amazing, suspenseful, good read you must pick up and read The Proof by Cheryl Colwell.

I really wasn't sure what to expect when I got this book. I was afraid that it would be a let down to read but boy oh boy was I wrong. Cheryl Colwell knows how to spin a story and make you want to go along with her on that roller coaster ride. She has a way of painting a picture with her words that makes you feel like you could step right into the palazzo or library right along with Gabe and Louis, or the cave when they are looking for the relic.  You feel Gabe's hurt when he has been betrayed by those he thought he could trust as well as Louis' pain when he thinks Gabe has rejected God. One plus to this book is how Cheryl Colwell takes you back to when the relic is first given to the Dolcini ancestor to take back and to protect. It adds an extra depth to the story that makes you understand how important the quest and relic are.This book keeps you intrigued and captivated to the very end and the twists in the plot and then the ending is a surprise and one that you will not see coming. I loved the book and would recommend it to all who love a good thriller and mystery.

That is not all this book is though. Yes it is a mystery thriller but it is also a book of Faith, forgiveness, redemption and love. Gabe is fighting the demons and hate from his past. He has made some really wrong decisions and now self doubt, self loathing and hatred for how his father  abused him and treated him has driven him to Italy and his Grandfather. Gabe finds a Grandfather that loves him but also wants him to help him on the family  quest to find the relic that the family was entrusted to keep safe centuries ago. Gabe gets caught in the middle of this  quest and all the danger that goes with it. He is also taken back when his Grandfather shows him forgiveness and love, he can't really comprehend this until he lets go of his anger and hate. It is also about Gabe's  quest to end his anger, hate and let go of the hurt so he can truly love and accept God's forgiveness and love.

This is definitely a book you won't want to miss reading. I highly recommend it and give it 5 Stars.  People who like a  thriller that involves the Templar's, Dead Knights, the Soci and true Believers in God mixed with a quest, love, Faith and mystery then you have to read this book. One plus to this book is how Cheryl Colwell takes you back to when the relic is first given to the Dolcini ancestor to take back and protect. I adds an extra depth to the story that makes you understand how important the quest and relic are.

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A Great Resource and Addition To Your Kitchen The Blender Girl 100 Gluten-free, Vegan Recipes by Tess Masters My Review

 The Blender Girl 100 Gluten-free, Vegan Recipes by Tess Masters is an unique book of delicious recipes for gluten vegan smoothies, snacks, desserts, sauces and meals. It is also a wealth of information of how she began to be the Blender Girl as well as what foods to combine, super foods, and even how to get milk from nuts which was interesting. Tess Masters  book is full of great ideas and recipes for those who want to be healthy or need to eat gluten free.

I found this book to be interesting, unique and easy to follow the recipes. I learned about foods and blending that I didn't know before like how to soak nuts to make them work better in recipes. The recipes are well explained and easy to follow which is to me always a plus. The recipes are healthy, and you can find a recipe that can complete any meal or snack you might want during the day. She also shows you recipes to help with things like Acid Reflux and good Probiotics. This book is really an interesting mix of healthy information, ideas and recipes but don't let that turn you away if you think that is all it is because the recipes are wonderful and healthy. The book has great pictures included to show the end results of the recipe which is great too. A few of the recipes I think I will be trying soon like Rich But Simple Tomato Soup, Papaya Pleasure Blend, Awesome Almond Crackers and Fresh Spring Rolls with Orange-Almond Sauce to name a few.  This book is a must for those wanting to eat healthier or for those who are already eating gluten vegan and healthy. It is a great resource for everyone and a wonderful addition to anybodies cookbook collection.

I have to admit that when I was first looking at the book I didn't think I would be able to find anything that I would like. I have never been very adventurous in what I eat and I figured that it would be hard to make these recipes and that they would be like eating grass. Boy was I wrong on all counts. I will not like all of the recipes, but who ever does, there are enough different recipes that I have found several to try and even some my husband, the picky eater, would like. I would give this book 4.5 Stars because I would have liked to see a few more pictures of doing the recipes but I  would highly recommend it to all.

If you would like more info on the book and author check out these sites:

  • The Blender Girl's Site
  • The Blender Girl's Tour
  • More Info
  • Author Bio

  • Give this book a try and enjoy the wonderful recipes and information I don't think you will be disappointed.

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    Friday, June 13, 2014

    Powerful, Moving Story of Redemption and Forgiveness The Fight By Luke Wordley My Review

    The Fight by Luke Wordley is one of the most powerful, moving excellent books I have read in awhile.

    Sam is a boy that is full of hate and anger. His father is dead and his mother is an alcoholic. Sam is always getting in fights and his anger is out of control. Jerry is a boxing trainer and he has demons of his own to overcome. When Sam gets into a fight with some skinheads and Robbie rescues him he takes Sam to his gym where he is a boxer and Jerry his trainer. Jerry, is a believer but when he starts training Sam some of his old emotions, anger, and demons come out and his faith his shaken. Sam and Jerry both think they will find what they really wan t through boxing but the peace, contentment and happiness they seek is not in boxing but in God. Will they come to realize this before it is to late for either one of them?

    When I first started to read this book I didn't think I would like it because I know nothing whatsoever about boxing. I just knew it would be a book I would struggle to get through so I could review but boy was I wrong. This book is about so much more than boxing. It is about redemption, forgiveness, finding true peace and love. Sam struggles with his anger and hatred that is turning him into a mean, destructive killer if he doesn't get it under control. His hatred is what drives him and he is never happy. Even though you don't want to, you find your heart going out to him and hoping that he will find a way to control himself and to be happy. Whether you think you would or not you find yourself in Sam's  corner willing him to win over his anger and hatred and to find the peace and love he needs and deserves.

    Jerry finds himself questioning his faith after he loses control of his temper like old times at one of the boxing matches. He questions whether God really changed him or not and struggles again with his anger and depression. He wants to be the top in the boxing world and wants to achieve this through Sam because he thinks he will be happy and his family will be happier and financially secure. He wants to achieve what he couldn't when he was boxing. He thinks fame and fortune will bring peace and happiness. He puts God on a a back burner. You find yourself, or at least I did, identifying with Jerry in letting his past come back to haunt him and slipping by putting other things before God. This book shows the downfall of doing this but also how God waits on us to find our way back to him and how the Holy Spirit speaks to us and helps guide Jerry, and us, back onto the right path.

    I was amazed at all the side stories that added depth to this book like Sam's mothers and her struggle. Her's is a story of desperation and then forgiveness. Also Gloria, Jerry's wife, and her past come into the story to help show God can forgive anything which is what Sam's mother needed to know.

    I will now admit that I am so glad I didn't pass this book up thinking it was a guy's book because of the boxing theme. Yes it is about boxing, yes it is a great book to give to the men in your life and yes every woman should not pass it up because it is a beautiful story of redemption, forgiveness, love and finding yourself, along with true peace, happiness and God's unconditional love.

    I loved the book and hope that you will give it a shot, you will be glad you did. Make sure you have time to read it because you might not want to put it down and also have Kleenex close by. Another plus to the book is the discussion questions at the end that would be great for book clubs, small groups or families.

    If you would like to learn more about the book and author check out



    I was given this book for free from Tyndale Publishing for my true and honest review