Sunday, August 16, 2015

Wonderful Fun Book For Kids What A Bragger by Lee Ann Mancini

What a Bragger by Lee Ann Mancini is an excellent book to add to your child's or church libraries.

As a parent or Grandparent it is important to have books that your children will enjoy reading and at the same time learn an important message. This book is one of those books. It has a valuable lesson and teaches it in a fun way.

Melissa Blowfish likes to brag about everything. She is always bragging to her friends. They get irritated with her and her friend Corey talks to his Mom about her. Why is Melissa bragging and what should Corey do are some of the things he explores with his Mom. In Corey finding a solution on dealing with Melissa's bragging it helps your child learn what to do also.

This is a brightly colored book and fish are the main characters. It will be fun to read with your child and discuss with them. It teaches faith, about praying and thinking of others.
My 3 year old grandson loved the book and it is one that will be read over and over.

If you want to purchase the book or learn more about it you can at

I think this is a good book for 3-7 year olds.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from GLM Publishing through for my honest opinion and review.

Be sure to check this book out I don't think you will be disappointed and your kids will enjoy it too.

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