Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kitchen Confidence by Kelsey Nixon A Yummy Addition To Your Cookbook Collection

I loved this cookbook. I would give it 5 Stars for the recipes as well as the pictures and hints it includes.

The recipes included in this book are both elegant enough for a party and yet easy enough that you can do them for just the family dinner. I am impressed with the variety of recipes that are included in this book. Kelsey takes you on a mouth watering ride through her different recipes with beautifully done pictures of the dishes. She has included helpful  hints like pantry essentials and technique essentials that is very helpful to the seasoned cook as well as the beginner. Throughout the book is explains how to do different techniques in cooking such as stir fry and roasting that for those learning to cook will find really helpful. They are included by a recipe that is for using those techniques on a page by themselves so that if you know how to do these you can skip over that page and if you don't know how to say stir fry you have the instructions handy right with the recipe you might be wanting to try. This cookbook would be a great addition to any one's kitchen and cookbook collection but would be especially nice and helpful to the new cook or someone that is not as comfortable in a kitchen as others.

I have several recipes already picked out to try like her fried homemade pickles and charred corn salad. These both sound like a great addition to my memorial day picnic. The recipes range from breakfast to desserts and everything in between you might be wanting. If I could find anything that I would change it would be maybe add pictures of all the completed recipes but other than that I wouldn't change a thing. I have gotten so hungry just looking at the recipes and marking the ones I want to try, funny thing is I think I have marked almost everyone of her recipes.

This is a great cookbook and I loved reading in the beginning about Kelsey Nixon's passion for sharing her love of cooking to others. She is on a mission to help us all feel more comfortable in the kitchen through her cookbook and I think she has hit the mark with this one. I think I could pick anyone of the recipes, try it and be successful following her directions and guidance with little or no stress. I highly recommend you get a copy of Kitchen Confidence by Kelsey Nixon and start enjoying some good recipes.

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