Thursday, June 6, 2013

What's on my Summer To Be Read list

The last few days have been hectic at our house. We had a flat tire, with no spare and I think we bought a whole forest of Rubber Trees for the price we paid for a tire. Then our daughter had surgery on her elbow and they had to reattach her tendon. Then she went to the ER because her arm was hot to touch and she was sick an they found she has an infection at the surgery site. She was given antibiotics and is doing better now so finally I hope, saying with fingers crossed, that things are settling down.

Getting back to books I decided to make a list of books I want to read this summer but find there are so many good ones coming out that it is really hard to narrow down just a few. What are you planning on reading? Have any suggestions for me to read or books you have read that you could suggest to me?

Here is a list of the ones I know for sure I am reading over the summer:

1. The Fourth Fisherman: How Three Mexican Fishermen Who Came Back from the Dead

Changed My Life and Saved My Marriage by Joe Kissack

2. Just As I Am: The Autobiography of Billy Graham by Billy Graham

3. End Of The Spear by Steve Saint

4. Inheritance (The Inheritance Cycle # 4) by Christopher Paolini

5. The Shop on Blossom Street (Blossom Street # 1) by Debbie Macomber

Of course this is just the ones I want to read, these and the mysteries I have listed on my mystery blog should keep me busy this summer. If your library is having an adult summer reading program be sure to sign up for it and help support your local library also.

For now: 
Grab a cup of coffee or tea, some chocolate and a good book and KEEP READING!

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