Thursday, December 29, 2016

Excellent Study Book on the Bible and Connecting with God

 The Touchpoint Connecting With God Through The Bible by Bob Santos is an excellent study book to help you embrace the Bible and to learn more about God. It  explains that the Bible is much more than a rules book but it is a way that you can know God more intimately and to have a better relationship with Him by understanding Him better. One of my favorite chapters was on Old Testament Prophecy.

You know at times we all have struggled with reading and studying the Bible but this book helps us realize the Bible is more than just a rules book and history book.  Bob Santos shows us it is our way to a better relationship with God. Just like we need to communicate with each other we need to be in touch with God and the Bible is our way to do that.
The author statement " The more I understand about the Bible, the more I appreciate its beauty, unity, and yes, even complexity." And also "Although once a skeptic, I now believe, along with a multitude of others, that the Bible is the most amazing book ever written." Pg 19 are so true and in reading this book he shows us the truth in these statements. His chapter on Cracking the Book was exceptional because goes through our excuses for why we don't read and study the Bible. He also gives tips on studying. In the chapter wrap up he says, "What we get out of the Bible depends on the effort we put into mining it's truths."pg222
I highly recommend this book, it is well worth reading.

If you want to get more out of your Bible study, learn more about God and form a more personal relationship with God then this book will help. This would be a good small group book to study.

I will be reading this book again.

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