Monday, April 18, 2016

A Good Study on Finding Rest in The Gift of Rest by Crickett Keeth

The Gift Of Rest by Crickett Keeth is a wonderful study into rest and finding that we all need rest. Even God rested on the seventh day of creation. This book is an eight week study into Biblical principals of rest and importance of rest. I leads you day by day through scripture and helps you to understand that rest is important and we need to make sure we take time to rest in re-energize. I know we all have the go go go attitude and it seems we never have enough time. We get run down physically and spiritually so it is important to rest physically and to rest and take time with God so that we can have the strength needed for each day physically and spiritually. This is a wonderful study on how God stresses they importance of rest and each day gives you scripture and questions to help you apply the study to your life. It would be an excellent small group study. The author has a very easy to follow and understand way of presenting the information. I think this is one that will be very helpful to all because we all forget sometimes to slow down and rest. I really enjoyed going through this study it will be one I will go back to often. I would recommend it. It is a very useful, insightful, and easy study to follow. It is an important study to apply to our lives.

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