Friday, May 1, 2015

When Mountains Won't Move by Jacob Hawk A Good Book For Those Struggling

When Mountains Won't Move How To Survive A Struggling Faith by Jacob Hawk is a wonderful learning and helping tool for any one's library.

If you know someone or if you are struggling yourself this book is great to help you work through those struggles. Jacob Hawk has broken down into chapters why we question our faith and how to keep from giving up on our faith. It is a great reference to have to read when struggles come your way to help you remember how God loves you and is there to help you through those struggles,.
It is in easy to understand and read format so that anyone no matter how new or old in their faith in God can read and be helped by this book. It has questions at the end of each chapter to help you review and work through what the chapter has shown you. This would be a good book for a small group to use also.

One of my favorite parts was on page 24 when Jacob tells us that to move past our weakness we must first acknowledge and embrace our weakness. " Embracing weakness makes mountains move." Also " To embrace weakness, we must admit when we're weak." Boy he is telling us that it is okay to have weakness in fact to know we do and to admit it is how we mend and move on. Wow!

This is a great addition to your library and a good book to read again and again. It is also a book to share with those you see and know that are facing struggles to help them move their mountains too.

I would recommend this book to others. You can purchase this book from:

The publisher Start2Finish has provided me a copy of this book through bookcase for my honest opinion and review.

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